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Selling Property

The decision to sell your property can be an exciting, daunting, uplifting experience and throughout the process you will most likely be confronted with many challenges and opportunities.

Through the entire process, Pristine Conveyancing will be there to assist you by handling all the required statutory and legal obligations so you can concentrate on preparing your property to achieve the best possible selling price.



property contracts


As soon as you make the decision to sell your property, contact Pristine to prepare a contract for sale for your property. This is a legal requirement as a residential property cannot be put on the market without the real estate agent holding the proposed contract for sale.

Pristine will prepare the contract for sale including the required statutory searches which are required by law to be included in the contract. It depends how complex some of these searches are as to how long this process will take.

Once we have prepared the contract, you can appoint your real estate agent and the marketing process can begin.

buyer query


As your conveyancer, we will attend to any questions posed by potential buyers and/or their legal representatives in relation to the contract or the property.

Should a buyer request any amendments to the contract and should this be agreed upon, we will make the necessary contract amendments to facilitate the sale.

contract exchange


Congratulations, you have sold your property!

Once you have accepted an offer for sale through your real estate agent, we will organise the exchange of contract process. This involves you and the seller signing the contract.



The average settlement period is 6 weeks however, this may be negotiated for longer or shorter period between you and your buyer.

Pristine will liaise with the buyer’s legal representatives, your bank if required and other parties as required on matters during the settlement period.

We will attend the final settlement on your behalf and once this is finalised, the transfer of property title is completed.