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Purchasing Property

Whether you’re a first home buyer, an experienced property investor, empty nester or just ‘time for a change buyer’, the process of purchasing property is one of the most significant milestones in life.

There are so many issues to consider, balancing your wish list with reality, negotiating finance and most importantly make the final decision that this property is ‘the one’ and at Pristine we work hard to ensure the purchase process is a most memorable experience for you.

Pristine Conveyancing appreciate and understand what buyers experience during the purchasing process and we have streamlined our online services to ensure the process is as efficient and stress-free as possible so you can concentrate other matters while we handle the conveyancing for you.





As soon as you find a property you wish to purchase, contact us with instructions and we will organise to receive the vendor’s contract from their representative.

We will review the contract, advise you on the terms and conditions and in particular bringing to your attention any dangers or abnormal terms. We can then negotiate changes to the contract on your behalf with the vendor’s representative.

We will organise the statutory searches, necessary inspection reports and if required, liaise with your financiers.

exachange Of Contract


Once you have successfully agreed to terms with the vendor, congratulations!
We will organise you to sign the contract and carry out the exchange of contract with vendor.

setelment period


During the settlement period which is usually 6 weeks, we will organise any additional searches and inspections which may be required perhaps by your lender.

If requires, we can liaise with your lender on any specific conditions which need to be met in the contract.

We will organise the settlement figures and the settlement date with the vendor.

Pristine will finalise the property transfer arrangement by having the Transfer and Contract for Sale stamped and the stamp duty aid.

final detelment


Pristine will attend the final settlement on your behalf to ensure the process is carried out successfully and all the title documents are correct and we will pay the final settlement financials on your behalf. And then contact you and the vendor’s agent to confirm that settlement is completed.

cooling of period


Once settlement is finalised, we will lodge the Transfer and Notice of Sale with the relevant statutory bodies and provide you with your Title Deed.