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To protect both the buyer and the seller, there are many statutory requirements involved with the sale and purchase property and for the novice the terminology can make the process appear more confusing than actually is.

Here are some FAQ’s to simplify and explain the process and terminology

Conveyancing is the legal term or area of the law, which covers the transfer of property, both sale and purchase. Much of the work is more administrative and statutory than legal.
Traditionally conveyancing was carried out by law firms and solicitors, however, licensed property conveyancers also carry out conveyancing.
Bridgette Baylouni of Pristine Conveyancing is a licensed, fully qualified professional conveyancer with the skills and capabilities to complete property transfers. By law, she is required to carry professional indemnity and fidelity insurance to protect the rights of her clients and is regularly subjected to reviews by the relevant statutory bodies. Pristine Conveyancing is qualified to handle the relevant legal issues in relation to property transfers and as such a solicitor is not normally required. If a particular matter does require specialised legal opinion, Pristine will advise you according to retain the necessary legal counsel.
The Conveyancing process commences as soon as the sale or purchase process begins and the length of time to reach exchange of contracts and final settlement depends on the specifics of each individual matter. The usual time for settlement from exchange of contract is 6 weeks
Some aspects of the conveyancing process are subject to standard industry fees and others may vary depending on the specifics of an individual property transaction.
Pristine will give you a quote for your particular matter once the details are known.