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With most of the documentation required sent to you by email, 24/7 case updates available, use of text messaging and other online services, our aim is to deliver the most efficient, progressive & convenient conveyancing service possible.

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What We Do


Owning property is the great Australian dream and at Pristine Conveyancing, we work closely with our clients to ensure they ‘live the dream’ right through the sale, purchase or refinancing process. We provide a comprehensive range of online conveyancing services so you can devote your time to the myriad of activities related to your sale or purchase and leave all the legal and statutory matters to us to handle for you including the required building inspections, contracts, searches and settlements. Contact us as soon as you are considering buying, selling or refinancing and we will provide you with a quote for services and a check list of the processes and stages involved. No need to meet, Pristine Conveyancing provides complete online services to free up your time.
Pristine Conveyancing – charting a clear course through the potentially murky waters of property transactions.

Our Services


from pre-exchange contract preparation right through to final settlement.


from pre-purchase searches and inspections, advice on stamp duty, liaison with lenders right through to preparation of contracts, exchange and final settlement.


advice on any searches and reports that may be required by your lender, assistance in preparation of loan documents, liaison between you and your lender on the preparation of the required documentation, lodgement of mortgages and finalisation of contracts.